Dice vs Monsters

Hello there mighty adventurer! Can I interest you in battling worthy opponents using dice? I thought so, let's go!

Please consider rating after you played the game πŸ€—

How to play

  • Roll dice to battle monsters.
  • Each symbol on the dice aid you in the fight:
    • Sword: Damage the monster.
    • Heart: Heal you.
    • Shield: Shield you from damage.
    • Empty: These are not really useful at all, just avoid these.
  • You can set dice aside so they won't be re-thrown by clicking them. ALL dice will be used to fight the monster, even the ones that are not set aside.
  • You have 3 throws per turn.
  • Dice that are set aside can be re-introduced by clicking them on the bottom of the screen.


Planxty Burke by Nomen Est Omen

Everything else made by @SanderVhove for Gotm Jam #5 where it got 2th place overall.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorSander Vanhove
GenreStrategy, Puzzle
Tags2D, Dice, Godot


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Nice game, has big potential (deck building?).


nice game, thanks! take that dragon!


Hehe thanks Paco! πŸ€— Yeah, underestimate the power of these dice! πŸ˜›

Spam space during tutorial to glitch out

Interesting πŸ€”


Fine little game!

Thank you Nudaludo! πŸ€—


Muito bom

Thank you Jozevald! πŸ€—


please expand! love this game 5 stars

Hehe are you still playing the alpha? 😜 Thanks man!

there's an update!?

Haven’t had time to work on one I’m afraid.


oh man I was about to say lol, nah take your time no rush dude!  


This is really unique and so satisfying to play! Keep it up!!

Thanks Thomas 😁 I will keep up the development!


Cool game that deserves its popularity. Love the vibes! <3

Thanks Diorama! πŸ€— Vibe on! ❀️


Cool game mate, its short but its good, nice job. Try adding more things to the game or to another game you could make

Thanks Gafdass! 😁 Definitely going to expand this one, many more things to come!


This is a good little game. I think you've a decent core combat mechanic for something larger. 

The gameplay is tight, I wasn't ever confused on what was going on, and I could see a few different strategies - and that was with just three levels.

Good job!

Thanks for the feedback Summercat! πŸ€— I’m so glad you liked this proof of concept, I hope to add a lot more depth (without confusions) in the future 😁


this would make a cool dungeon based roguelike!

Thanks! Yeah somebody mentioned it could be like slay the spire in some way 😁


You should expand on this! Create more fights or even more abilities. This is really fun!

(1 edit)

Thanks DerpiestDude! πŸ€— Wait, are you the master of the Derpy Dragon? 😜 But seriously though I’m planning to expand the concept yes! More monster, more dice, more story 😊


It looks like a really cool game but it keeps freezing after the first turn

Had someone having the same issue, they fixed it by playing in Firefox. Could you try that out? What OS/browser are you using?


I just had a freeze in the second turn just after clicking the "end turn" button (not all rolls where done). Played in firefox.

Hmmm, that is weird behaviour! Will check it out, thank you for reporting 😁

(1 edit) (+1)

WOOW pretty nice game i have to admit. 5/5 stars from me hope u will add some other bosses!! KEEP IT UP i also recommended you at ITCH.IO if it is ok:

Thanks for playing Space Escape! πŸ€— I’m so glad you liked it and of course it’s ok to recommend the game 😁 I’m definitely going to expand on this concept and make something bigger out of it, more bosses, dice and magic incoming! Keep your eyes peeled 😜