Time to grab everything you can! 

Check out the downloadable versions for higher frame rate and better visual fidelity 👇


  • Move mouse: to move the hand.
  • Left click: to grab things.
  • Space/Right click: to retract the arm.


A game by:

With assets from:

Created for the 20 Second Game Jam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(166 total ratings)
AuthorsSander Vanhove, Thibaud Goiffon
Made withAudacity, Godot
Tags2D, Casual, Colorful, Cute, Godot, Short, Singleplayer, Time Attack
Average sessionA few minutes


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Rubblar.exe 41 MB
Rubblar.x86_64 43 MB
Rubblar.dmg 36 MB


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The Sound Effects make it 1000% Better


This game is so much fun!


Very nice game, if you want to chill after work/school this is perfect!


It's been 10000 years. I think it might be a loop.

Are you sure? 🤔


bruh lol


sweet game and great concept

hah,  that's fun😄

Funny game, the right difficulty


I made a video on this game (56:20)


I wish it were easier to tell when you grabbed the gem. Again, other than one or two things, its a great game!

(4 edits) (+1)

if you flail wildly you can go out of bounds and you get stuck out of bounds.

Apparently you can also flail back into bounds. Rewinding does not help.

Also, if you do this while robbing and the timer goes off, it keeps trying to pull you in, but can't, and you get softlocked.

You can also flail wildly and go through yourself

Awesome game, though!

(1 edit) (+2)

Love This Game. I Would love to see this game turned into a full Steam release.

sadly cant really play cuz I have a very small space to move my mouse, but this game looks super fun and I'd totally play if I could raise sensititvity! (unless you can and I couldn't figure out how to do that then I look really stupid)

Thanks : )

Unfortunately, you can't change it in-game :/ though you should be able to change it temporarily in your system settings.


I really enjoyed this! This game has a lot of potential! I hope to see it eventually turned into a full game with more levels and other fun features, like cosmetics or something! Well done! :D

Thank you so much for playing and making a video about it! 🤗 Your reaction is hilarious 😂


I think it could need some better introduction level so you get used to moving the mouse quickly, but other than that I lobe absolutely everything about this (expect the lack of more levels).

Thanks dude! Well, maybe we’re preparing some new levels 😏


Excellent game! Fun and quirky and interesting. Has enough challenge without being frustrating.


Very fun game! Hope to do better in the future!

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That's really awesome! But once my hand got stuck in a wall and even after the police came level didn't end. I played in the browser.

(1 edit) (+4)

i cant pass the first level :(


As my name is Rob, I'm really flustered that you made a game where I'm the main objective.


I’m so glad you finally see the game we made for you! 🤗


and I actually think it's a good game! I would like to play more of this ( maybe with more than 20 seconds next time 😂)



this game is awesome!
it could use more levels though


Great mechanical concept but am I the only one who needs a little more time per level ?


I really like this game man, there is only one thing bad about this... it ends quick! Do some new levels plzzz

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Charming sound effects and easy to understand mechanics. Nice little coffee break game.

Edit: one thing that would be a nice QoL improvement if there were a sequel would be the ability to shorten the level intros for repeats after getting caught. Also if the hand didn’t collide with itself it would make the level with the plugs easier (since sometimes the hand can be on the wrong side of itself to grab the plug, when the arm is bunched up), but maybe that’s an intentional part of the challenge.


I really like it but i couldn't get past level 1


Fun but small. Good quick play.


VERY FUN! beat the whole thing ( you should turn this into an actual big game)

Would be MUCH more enjoyable if there was a button we could press to instantly retry without having to sit through the "ooh, ahh, i'm going in", the "come on out with your hands on your head" and needing to grab the "re-rob" through the bars every single time you fail. I quit out of irritation from needing to wait through that rather than irritation with the actual gameplay.

how do you do the first level


Really really really cool and great but honestly cant beat the first level lol


I think it really depends on your mouse sensitivity :/ maybe tweaking it would help you.


This was very funny, great gameplay




bro i'm stuck///


this is trash




i have been getting an issue where the hand gets stuck in the wall. can someone help?




Nice! A good mix of difficultness and fun.




Maybe it's because i'm on a mouse pad but the movements are too hard and the time limit too short :(

Got the same on PC (web) with the mouse, I just can't seem to move the hand fast enough

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